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Business Objective

Kajaria Ceramics is the largest manufacturer of ceramic/vitrified tiles in India. They are looking to Create Awareness and Consideration, to increase

was looking to boost their share of voice so that they can get quality leads out of their potential audiences. TG was students (18 to 24) on their respective target regions which very niche, eventually resulted in low reach.

Our Approach

  • We created cohorts for parents and students and targeted them with right messaging
  • Target user who were actively searching for PG in respective targeted regions
  • Target Student database who have applied for colleges in respective targeted regions
  • Remarket to audience who have visited our website. Created LAL & custom audience set for users who have availed our services
  • We ran leads/engagement/awareness campaigns on social media to increase brand reach and generate leads
  • Over Google, We drive lead generation campaigns on search platform, ran awareness campaign on YouTube


  • Our lead conversion rate improved by 23%
  • Booking numbers increased by 500/Month
  • Impression share improved by 35%
  • ROI was increased by 250%
  • Brand Consideration Lift by 30%