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Crisis Case: What Happened


A patient named Meenakshi Shelar (who was 9 months pregnant) was diagnosed with Dengue and was admitted to Vashi Fortis after getting shifted twice from 2 hospitals earlier. The platelets count of the patient was way lower than the dangerous level (12000 Platelets). Looking at her condition, it was anticipated to the family that the life of her baby was at risk. The baby died during the treatment, however the patient was saved. The final bill amount was way higher than the one initially estimated by the hospital. This as well as death of the baby created chaos. The matter later on got taken up by Shivsena and they threatened the hospital and did not even pay the bill amount, ultimately taking away the patient from the hospital.

Date & Time Span

The case started on 9th May after a link became viral around the case.

  • Total No. of Links – 30
  • Total Reach – 700K+
  • Total Engagement – 14K+
  • Sentiment Analysis (Initially)- 100% Negative


Positive tweets were posted by influencer handles to clarify that there was no negligence from Fortis’s end and they tried every possibility to help the patient.

This enabled us to increase the neutral and positive sentiment.

Users started deleting their links.

  • Total Positive Mentions posted: 7
  • Total Reach of positive tweets – 2 Million+
  • Total engagement on positive tweets – 1000+
  • Overall Sentiment Analysis – 25% Positive, 75% Negative

Daily and Monthly ORM

  • Average social media complaint volumes: Daily: 50-55 Monthly: 1500+
  • Average Listening volumes: 70+ Monthly: 2100+
  • Listening and ORM Process:
    1. Mentions are captured from the tool as well as manual search on the platforms
    2. The mentions are then analysed and based on the criticality they are escalated on Whatsapp or mail
    3. Post conforming with the client, the mentions are responded and put in the CRM sheet
  • Client escalation platform:
    1. Critical Cases & Listening updates: Whatsapp groups
    2. Regular CRM and Reporting: Emails
    3. CRM Tracker: A sheet is maintained of all the responded queries/complaints which is shared with the client on weekly basis
  • CRM Breakup: Complaints: 60%, Queries: 30%, Others: 10% (Suggestions/appreciations)
  • Reporting: Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Zonal Reports
  • Crisis Management: Thrice a day reporting of Crisis case situations with detailed links and engagement analysis