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About Us

                                                        ARCHIDPLY INDUSTRIES LTD is well known in the industry for maintaining par

                                                   excellence quality in all its manufactured products. The company boasts of having the

                                                      maximum number of quality certifications from national and international premium

                                                      institutions.  We take pride in launching  yet another quality product by the brand


                                                     MONARCHLAM is developed keeping in the mind the increasing demand of retail

                                                     market, which is centric to design innovation. The range comes with varied textures

                                                      meeting the design requirements of various Architects and Interior Designers. The

                                                        product is manufactured in the companies state of the art facility at Rudrapur,


                                                    MONARCHLAM intends to signify high standards of quality and innovation while at

                                                      the same time leveraging the products popularity. The transformation move of the

                                                         brand also rejuvenates the brand personality as a MONARCH in the move.
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